Support Literature

Benson Viscometers has a library of support articles that are available in a variety of formats. Some of the discussions in this section include the benefits of plasma viscosity testing as well as Clinical viscometers, or analyser information to give a better understanding of their capability. Also included in this section we have relevant discussions regarding conditions that can benefit from viscosity testing and sample letters that can be downloaded and printed to hand to GP’s and clinics.

Our Literature

About Clinical VISCOMETRY

A PV quick check guide for clinicians. This is a printable card that can be used as a quick reference guide and includes sample requirements, results reported at 25°c and a brief overview of the benefits of plasma viscosity testing.

Screening for Hyperviscosity Syndrome

This discussion booklet is primarily aimed at Plasma Hyperviscosity especially concerning the detection and importance of regular monitoring. The clinical summaries are derived from the wealth of literature available.

PV and ESR Comparison table

This letter provides the background to making the change from ESR to PV, provides additional information regarding the test, results interpretation and a reference list. Customers have permission to use and amend to suit their communication needs.

Laboratory sample letter to GPs and clinics

This table reviews the clinical and technical aspects of PV and ESR monitoring. Some comparisons that are made in this section include detection times, false negatives (Clinical Aspects) and also testing results related to Anaemia issues and Quality Control (Technical aspects).

Reference List

A comprehensive but not exhaustive list of clinical articles researching into plasma viscosity. Most papers in this list are not very recent but that is down to the paucity of ongoing research. Please contact us if you would like more references.
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