BV200 Automated Clinical Viscometer

Industry leading clinical viscometers manufactured in the UK and used by laboratories, hospitals and clinics throughout the world.

BV200 Automated Clinical Viscometer

  • The BV200 clinical viscometer will measure the viscosity of human biological fluids: blood plasma, blood serum, whole blood and synovial fluid

  • The BV200 analyser regularly processes in excess of 400 samples a day

  • It will test directly from primary blood sample tubes reducing biohazard risks

  • Uses the residue from the full blood count tubes eliminating additional sample requirements

  • Through cap piercing capability reducing biohazard risks

  • Accommodates tubes from all leading blood collection tube manufacturers

  • Aspirates only 50µl per test. Only requires 500µl of sample fluid

  • Therefore, it is suitable for repeat testing of paediatric and adult samples

  • Can be loaded with up to 180 patient samples at a time

  • Fast, 15-minute turnaround time from sample receipt to results

  • Automatic barcode reading immediately prior to analysis

  • Load and walk away system

  • Automatic calibration checks every 10 patient samples

  • Network interface capability

  • Sample and wash carry-over level of <0.01 mPa.s

  • Operator password logon

  • Tests at 37°C, reports at 25°C or 37°C

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The Benson Viscometers BV200 has been designed and manufactured by our specialist team of electrical, mechanical and software engineers in the UK.

With systems being used around the UK, Ireland and USA, we are continually developing and supporting our customer base which is overseen by our on-site team.

Benson Viscometers BV200 provides the tools necessary to screen for a wide range of inflammatory conditions that include rheumatoid arthritis, myeloma and plasma hyperviscosity.

The BV200 clinical viscometer is suitable for processing over 50 samples per hour and can be loaded with up to 180 patient samples at once.

Supported by an automatic barcode reading the system, this machine can be loaded with samples and initiated, requiring only minimal user interaction as the conveyor moves samples through the probe chamber and automatically cleans between each cycle.

Sample results are displayed quickly with a fast 15 minute average turnaround from full blood count sample to receipt of results. Patient results can then be printed or transferred using a laboratory information management system.

The BV200 clinical viscometer use only 50µl from a sample of 500µl, using full blood count tubes also ensures that analysis can be completed on both adult and paediatric patients.

Automatic calibration checks ensure that results are accurate.

The operation of the BV200 is simple to use and provides accurate results every time.

An overview of the process is as follows:

  • Take the sample in an anti-coagulant EDTA primary tube. Ensure it has been centrifuged for at least 3 min at 3000rpm. You do not need to remove the cap. Up to 180 samples can be loaded at one time.
  • You can process samples that have previously been used for full blood count and other tests; this can be several days after initial collection.
  • The barcoded test samples are moved by the conveyor to the probe chamber. Once the sample reaches this area, the barcode is automatically scanned into the system.
  • The probe then penetrates the cap and 50µl is taken for analysis.
  • The results are then immediately displayed on screen using our in-house software provided with the BV200.
  • An automatic wash cycle is carried out after each test to ensure there is no sample carry over between tests.
  • Additional sample can be inserted at any time through the analysis process. Samples which have been tested can be removed from the conveyor.
  • Once a check control has validated the results, they can be printed out or transferred to a library information management system.
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